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We are a commitment to creating more accessibility, reconnection

and awareness of brave spaces for making ritual around all stages of transformation during a two-spirited and trans person’s realization of body, heart and mind.  We support the self-determination of our own ceremonies to celebrate, grieve and create passage through each stage of life and death as two-spirited and transpeople.

​Our circle is held by two-spirited, trans and gender-fluid people based in Seattle, WA.  We are committed to cultivating safer, sacred spaces for two-spirited and trans people to create personal ritual as part of self-care, healing, and growth.  We want to offer sacred space and witness for two-spirited and trans people as they process their journeys and enter into various stages of transition and transformation.  We feel that increasing access to ceremony for two-spirited and trans people within and without native communities helps to reclaim our bodies from the Western medical system.  We believe that the resurgence of two-spirited traditions and the reconnection to ceremony contributes to the collective healing of our trans and queer people of color (tqpoc) communities and the reclamation of our own bodies, hearts, and spirits.​


We feel that it is important to protect the ways of our ancestors from misappropriation and spiritual tourism.  We also want to create safe spaces for trans and gender-fluid folks to hold ceremony, thus we will not be posting details of ceremonies/gatherings online.  If you are interested in learning more about upcoming gatherings, please e-mail us below and we will gladly include you in our list-serve or answer any questions.

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